About GolfCarts.org & Our Team

Founded by Chris Anderson and Trevor Rose, GolfCarts.org is the premier golf and electric cart information and resource site.

The founders of GolfCarts.org are both entrepreneurs in the electric cart industry, and are well-versed in all things golf carts.

This site is intended to provide accurate information to both the golf cart owner and the golf cart professional. It is for customers, dealers and service professionals.

Our mission is to deliver information in order to help people enjoy the golf cart lifestyle and provide resources that can aid dealers in developing their businesses.

We invite you to dive into our substantial library of information and encourage you to reach out to us with your feedback so that we can improve our site.

About the Authors

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson has been in the golf cart and electric cart community for over 10 years and has worked with many retail and business to business companies in the industry. He is also an avid photographer and windsurfer.

Trevor Rose

Trevor Rose is an entrepreneur and golf cart enthusiast. Having lived in South Carolina, a golf-cart mecca, and currently in SW Florida, golf carts are a big part of his life.

Trevor is a co-owner of a custom golf cart dealer and also a co-owner of a business related to electric cart insurance and finance. He brings a well-rounded body of knowledge to the site that includes cart sales, manufacturing and cart dealership.

What We do

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