I know windshields don’t seem like a valuable piece to your custom golf cart, but they can offer quite a bit of versatility and protection when rolling down the road.

In this guide to golf cart windshields, we breakdown the different types of golf cart windshields and the best models you can buy for your specific brand. So let’s get right into it.

Different Types of Windshields

Golf cart windshields come in a variety of different thicknesses, sizes, and even pieces. In this section we go into more detail about the different options you have for golf cart windshields.

Standard Acrylic Windshields

This type of windshield is the best option when it comes to price and functionality. You have the option to purchase these windshields in either clear or tinted and they can fit just about any make or model.

This windshield is also designed to fit those golf carts with OEM struts. All of the hinges are made from a durable polyurethane, allowing for perfect visibility at all times.

Clairity – 0.168” / 3/16”/ 4mm thickness

Impact Modified Windshields

This high performance polycarbonate windshield is perfect for those looking for a little more durability. Built for a high resistance to shattering, which is ideal for golf courses, hunting, or industrial plants.

You can find this type of windshield for all types of golf cart models, and like the standard windshield, can be used with OEM struts. This is also equipped with polyurethane hinges for clear visibility, and comes in either clear or tinted.

Clarity – 0.177’ / 3/16’’ / ¼” thickness

¼ Inch Thick Windshields

This windshield is built with a bit more sturdiness. The ¼ inch thick acrylic will provide you with a stronger windshield, which will bend or bow much less than the two previously mentioned windshields. You can purchase these in either tinted or clear, and are equipped with clear polyurethane hinges. This particular windshield will only work with OEM front struts.

DOT Legal Windshields

Depending on where you live, and what you’re using your golf cart for, most communities require you to have a high-quality, shatter-proof windshield that meets all of the LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) requirements of the DOT (Department of Transportation).

These AS4 and AS5 windshields commonly feature a polycarbonate blend at a thickness of 0.177”, in order to prevent shattering or scratches.

One Piece Windshields

These specific windshields aren’t the most popular, but can be just as reliable as any of the other windshields we’ve mentioned. You can find DOT versions (AS4 and AS5 Models) in a few places, along with one piece windshields from the golf cart manufacturers themselves.

These windshields are NOT able to fold. This will provide less cool wind in the summer, but has an easier time keeping cold air out in the winter. These are also available in clear and tinted, and can be purchased for most golf cart models.

Now that we know the different types of windshields you can purchase for your golf cart, let’s dive deeper into the best models for each specific brand.

Club Car Windshields 

Club Car Windshields

Club Car Precedent 1-Piece Windshield (AS4/AS5)

-Fits 2004 and Up

This DOT approved one-piece windshield is the perfect match for any custom Club Car.Club Car Precedent 1-Piece Windshield As4-As5 This windshield is built with a tough polycarbonate, allowing it to resist scratches easily. If you are looking for a well-built one-piece windshield, look no further.


  • High grade polycarbonate
  • Street legal ( DOT Approved)
  • Resits scratches due to hard protective coating
  • Clear visibility
  • Easy Installation

Cost: $267.84 – Find Best Price 

Club Car Precedent Folding Windshield (¼”)

-Fits 2004 and Up

This windshield is perfect for those looking for some flexibility with their golf cart. Theclub car folding 1:4 inch windshield folding windshield is great for letting air in on warm summer days, or to block that cold air on frigid mornings. This polycarbonate built windshield is great at protecting flying debris, and can be purchased in clear or tinted.


  • Durable polycarbonate
  • Tinted or Clear
  • Easy to Install
  • Great Visibility

Cost: $130.93 – Find Best Price

E-Z-GO Windshields



E-Z-GO RXV 1-Piece Windshield (AS4/AS5)

-Fits 2008 and up

Are you looking for a DOT approved windshield for your E-Z-GO golf cart? You’ve comeEZGO RXV 1 Piece Windshield to the right place! This street legal windshield is perfect for providing protection while driving down the road. This windshield is made from a strong polycarbonate, helping to fight off nicks and scratches.


  • Made from extremely durable polycarbonate
  • Street Legal (DOT approved)
  • Resistant to nicks and scratches
  • Clear visibility
  • Easy to Install

Cost: $267.84 – Find Best Price

E-Z-GO RXV Folding Windshield

-Fits 2008 and up

This windshield is a perfect match for those who want a little bit more flexibility when itE-Z-GO RXV Folding Windshield comes to their golf cart. This folding windshield for E-Z-GO is durable and reliable to resist flying debris while traveling down the street. This model is available in clear and tinted.

Height – 32 ¼”

Width – 37 ¾”


  • Durable 3/16” acrylic
  • Vibration free fit
  • Crack and shatter resistant
  • Available in tinted and clear
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Super easy to install

Cost: $107.91 – Find Best Price

Yamaha Windshields

Yamaha Windshields


Yamaha Folding Windshield (Models G29/Drive)

This is one of the most popular and reliable windshields that Yamaha has to offer. TheYamaha Folding Windshield (Models G29/Drive) folding design allows you to let cool air in during the summer months, and cold air out during the winter months.

This durable acrylic is great for protecting against any unwanted flying debris while riding down the road. This windshield is available in clear or tinted, and is a must have for those looking to replace that old beaten one on your golf cart.

Height – 37”

Width – 38 ⅞”


  • Durable ¼” acrylic
  • Vibration free fit
  • Crack and shatter resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Tinted or clear

Cost: $127.86 – Find Best Price

Yamaha Impact Resistant Folding Windshield (Models G14-19)

If you need something a little bit more durable for your Yamaha golf cart, then this mightYamaha Impact Resistant Folding Windshield (Models G14-19) be your best option. This durable impact-resistant acrylic is perfect for those looking to go off the beaten path.

The impact resistant windshield from Yamaha is available in clear and tinted, and can be folded down whenever you please. Another great feature about this windshield is that it can be installed with ease, connecting directly to your old frame.

Height – 34 ¼”

Width – 40 ½”


  • High grade impact-resistant acrylic
  • Vibration free fit
  • Crack and shatter resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the U.S.

Cost: $123.50 – Find Best Price

Golf Cart Windshield Wipers

Most of the models that we listed above have the ability to incorporate a windshield wiper on to your windshield. These can be great for those who live in the states that accumulate more rain throughout the year. You never know when you’ll be stuck outside in your golf cart during a rainstorm.

Cost: $80-$90

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is much more to the golf cart windshield than you imagined. In this article we learned the different types of golf cart windshields, and how they differ from one another.

We also learned that the DOT expects you to have your LSV/Golf cart up to the roads standards, and that includes your windshield. We also learned about the different materials used to make golf cart windshields, and how some materials are stronger and more durable than others.

Beyond that, we did our best to present to you some of the best options when it comes to windshields for your specific golf cart brand including Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha.

We hope that this article has given you the knowledge to make the best decision when choosing a windshield for your golf cart. If you have any questions regarding your windshield, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading.