When people go to a used car dealership, a warranty is a very common add-on. Now that so many are using golf carts and low-speed vehicles for everyday travel, it just makes sense for owners to have golf cart warranties. Not only can the consumer benefits from a warranty, but dealers can also see plenty of benefits.

What are Golf Cart Warranties?

When a brand new cart is purchased, most companies offer a limited warranty. Typically these are for six months to a year. These vehicles are built to last for years now, so eventually, that warranty runs out. That’s where an extended warranty can come into play.

The first major issue for a golf cart tends to come after about 2-5 years of use. Instead of being forced to pay out of pocket, a warranty can help offset all the repair costs.

From a dealer’s perspective, warranties are very easy to implement. A warranty will cover all repair work, and compensate dealers if anything ends up going wrong with the cart. This puts dealers at virtually no risk to offer an extended warranty on used and refurbished carts.

Electric Warranty Group – Pioneers in Golf Cart Warranties

Electric Warranty Group, is a company that specializes in these warranty options. They are one of the pioneers in this growing industry, and have spent years researching what people most look for in warranties. While other companies might offer a variety of warranties for different types of vehicles, their specialization in this industry makes their level of expertise second to none.

EWG offers extended warranties ranging from 6-month to 36-months for used and refurbished carts. Plans start at just $199 for consumers, making it an enticing add-on regardless of budget.

The Benefits to Dealers by Offering EWG Warranties

Many are not aware, but, vehicle dealership can benefit significantly from offering an affordable warranty that provides consumer confidence. EWG has crafted warranties to provide benefits for every party involved. Dealers should be aware of the main benefits of why working with EWG can help the bottom line.

Increase the Confidence of all Customers

Customers might be initially hesitant to buy a used or refurbished cart. While there is initial savings upfront, people are wary of repair costs down the road. An extended warranty can help eliminate those worries.

Make More Money by Using the Warranties as a Profit Center

At Electric Warranty Group every warranty sale can lead to more money made by the dealer. They can potentially offer high payouts depending on the type of warranty a customer signs up for at the time of the purchase. It can instantly help dealers make a decent amount of extra income without changing the overall business model significantly.

If Something Goes Wrong with a cart, the Dealer Fixes it While EWG Pays For it

EWG mitigates risk for dealers if something happens to a cart they sell. EWG can even pay for pickup and delivery of a cart in need of repair.

Golf Carts Have Higher Resale Value Because the Warranties are Transferable

All of our warranties are very flexible and completely transferable. This bonus benefits the customer for obvious reasons, but it also a huge selling point for any dealer. Always make sure to point this out to customers who might be wondering about how golf carts hold their value.

Dealers Become Part of an Approved Dealer Network and EWG Helps Them Grow

EWG depends on great dealers to be able to offer their service. They work hard to help dealers they work with get new business. Their approved dealer network is one of the most trusted in the country. Local dealers always see a boost in sales after working with them.

How Does a Dealer Sign Up?

Ready to learn more and sign up for EWG? Visit their website at www.ewgcorp.com.

Click on “become a dealer.” Fill out the form and they will be in contact as soon as possible, going over all the specifics before getting started.

As the industry grows, more and more customers are going to be asking for the same type of warranty and protection they get for their cars, trucks, vans, and more. Don’t be caught unable to present them with a viable option that is also a fantastic value.