Electric Warranty Group is the Golf Cart Industry’s Exclusive Extended Warranty Provider is Now Under New Management.

Electric Warranty Group (EWG), founded in 2016, provides extended warranties on new and used electric and gas golf carts. EWG is the pioneer in the golf cart and electric vehicle warranty marketplace and has provided tens of thousands of warranties since its beginning.

EWG delivers limited warranty programs to the golf cart, LSV and electric vehicle marketplace enabling their nationwide authorized dealer network to add value to their product line and offer peace of mind to their clients, while mitigating their own risk of having to pay for costly repairs if using their own warranties.

EWG provides extended warranties on new, used and refurbished golf carts. They offer a variety of packages with flexible warranty terms and prices, from 6-month to 48-months, starting at just $199.

There are many benefits that EWG warranties deliver to the dealer and the customer alike.

Coverage Upon Deliver – The warranty protection on refurbished or new golf carts begin the moment the customer takes delivery.

Nationwide Service Network – EWG has a nationwide network of dealers and service centers to support the customer’s warranty repairs while extending the dealer’s sales reach.

Comprehensive Benefits – EWG’s protection plans offer payment for covered repairs at the full retail value of parts and labor along with $50 toward pick-up and delivery.

Fully Transferable – EWG protection plans are fully transferrable, so customers will never miss out on the benefits of the program if they sell or trade their golf cart.

Increased Cart Sales – Participating dealers are finding that offering extended warranty plans on remanufactured and refurbished carts is greatly increasing the buying confidence of its customers and resulting in more sales.

“EWG has helped our dealership in a number of ways,” said Christian Amico, co-founder of Charleston Custom Carts. “We primarily sell remanufactured and highly customized golf carts that are anywhere from two to five years old. By offering a one or two year extended warranty on our carts, the customer not only feels more confident about buying one, but often times will spend more money knowing that they won’t have to pay for repairs. And if something does go wrong, we pick it up, fix it in our service department, drop it off to the customer and are fully reimbursed by EWG.”

About EWG
EWG is the pioneer in the electric golf cart warranty provider and has grown rapidly in the last three years. By consistently expanding their network of nationwide golf cart dealers they are able to refer service and repairs anywhere in the country and are helping dealers expand their service revenue through these referrals that also lead to increased customer acquisition. For more information, visit