Golf cart and electric vehicle warranties have only been around for the past few years but have recently grown in popularity as the golf cart industry as a whole is expanding rapidly. These warranties have a lot of similarities to your traditional auto warranty and below we will discuss all the options, details and features.

What is a Golf Cart Warranty?

A golf cart warranty is a simple protection plan that can cover your parts and repairs if something should go wrong after you purchase your golf cart, LSV (low speed vehicle) or electric vehicle. These work very similar to your traditional car or automobile warranty program where you purchase (or it’s included in the purchase price) a specific length warranty and a third-party company would be required to pay for any repairs for anything that goes wrong with your cart, as long as it covered by the warranty.

How Do Golf Cart Warranties Work?

Golf cart warranties work first by getting your policy setup on your golf cart at the time of purchase from your golf cart dealer, then if you have any issues with your cart you simply file a claim. This claim is reviewed and then approved or denied depending on what is covered or how the damage was caused. If approved, the cart is picked up by the dealer and the repairs are made, then the warranty company pays the dealership the cost of the parts, and labor and delivers your cart back to you all fixed up.

These warranty programs don’t cover accidents or damage caused by misuse or any aftermarket accessories that might have been installed after purchase. There are also things that could void your warranty as well like; modifying the motor or controller or changing the suspension. These specific details can be found in the terms of service when purchasing your warranty.

Why Do I Need A Warranty?

Just like with a car warranty, having a golf cart warranty provides a number of benefits.

  1. Limits Out-of-Pocket Repair Costs:
    Simply put, your going to save money if your golf cart ever has a problem as you won’t have any out-of-pocket expense to get it fixed.
  2. Added Resale Value:
    By having a warranty on your golf cart when and if you go to sell this cart generally the warranty is transferable to the new owner. This greatly increases your cart’s chances of selling for a higher price as it eliminates the worry that if something goes wrong the new owner is protected.
  3. Peace of Mind:
    Just knowing that a warranty company has your back if you have any problems with your golf cart makes for worry free fun and overall enjoyment.
  4. Nationwide Coverage:
    Our research indicates that the current golf cart warranty programs we have found are nationwide, which means if you move or relocate to a different state you can easily bring your golf cart to any local golf cart service center or dealer.

Where do I Get a Golf Cart Warranty?

You can obtain a warranty with the sale of a new or used golf cart through a brick and mortar golf cart dealership or service center. Currently we have not seen a warranty program that you can purchase outside of your local golf cart dealership.

Who Are the Golf Cart Warranty Companies?

The only full service, nationwide option for golf cart warranties that we have found through our research is “Electric Warranty Group” or “EWG” ( EWG offers the extensive coverage, easy and quick claims process and currently seems to have over 500 authorized dealers in the US and a few in Canada.

Information from EWG’s website, social media and online reviews tells us that EWG has been in business since 2015 and its warranties that range from 6 to 48 months are only sold through its network of authorized golf cart dealers. These dealers seem to grow monthly and are spread out throughout all the states and Canada.

What Parts & Services Do These Warranties Cover?

We found that EWG’s warranty program covers just about everything, including: motors, controllers, electrical systems, brakes, bearings, steering, gaskets, shocks, hubs, springs and more. Things that these warranties do not cover would be the batteries, battery chargers and tires.

EWG also covers pickup and delivery fees to get your cart to and from the repair center with no deductibles.

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