Isle of Palms is a true golf carting community and is located in sunny South Carolina, is a beach community that both residents and visitors adore. IOP is a barrier island on the SC coast; the town lies on a narrow strip of land that hugs the beach. The land is separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway.

The island is thought to be approximately 25,000 years old—impressive!—but it only gained popularity in the 1970s, when beach lovers from across the nation flocked to Isle of Palms to enjoy all the fun to be had.

Isle of Palms Golf Carting Community

The community is full of golf cart enthusiasts, and due to this fact, there are a number of golf cart rental businesses in IOP for visitors and residents alike to take advantage of. We spoke to representatives from two of these businesses, and they had a wealth of information regarding the island and the golf cart community within.

Just Beachy

Holly Marsh of Just Beachy Golf Cart Rentals explained that the main reason golf carts have become increasingly popular over the years is because the island is laid out perfectly for golf carting. “Road speeds never exceed 30 miles per hour,” she reported, “so you can easily get to any point of the island using only a golf cart!”

There are also gravel roadways throughout the island which are ideal for golf cart travel. Brad Hunnicutt with Isle of Palms Golf Cart Rentals added that Isle of Palms being a small island increases its appeal to golf cart enthusiasts, and it’s quite easy to find golf cart parking on the island.

Over the past 10 years, the golf cart community has grown exponentially in Isle of Palms. The town itself has helped by “creating a golf cart right-of-way along Palm Boulevard,” Hunnicutt explained, “which is a golf cart trail to the only grocery story on the island.”

This means that golf cart owners don’t have to travel via car or truck to get just a couple of groceries. They can instead hop on their cart and make a quick trip to the local grocery store.

IOP Golf Cart Parades

There are several golf cart parades on IOP that are appealing to golf cart lovers who live on the Isle of Palms golf carting community and those who are visiting for a beach vacation. The 4th of July parade is probably the most popular.

It typically features over 200 golf carts that owners decorate for the event. The carts then parade down 10 blocks for the entire community to view. It’s a really good time! Other popular parades are the Thanksgiving parade in Wild Dunes and the Halloween golf cart parade and carnival at the Rec Center.

But golf carting isn’t the only aspect of IOP that residents and visitors adore. There’s the beach, obviously, which is gorgeous with clear water.

IOP Is A True Water-Lover’s Paradise

And there’s more to the outdoor life in Isle of Palms than just the beach. Individuals can enjoy water sports, biking, golfing, kayaking, surfing, swimming boating, golfing, and more. As Marsh stated, “There’s always something to do outdoors around here.”

Residents are fond of the schools; the elementary school is just one of two schools in the nation located directly on the beach, and the kids in the area love it. The community is another draw.

It’s filled with kind-hearted individuals who are welcoming to newcomers. As Marsh stated, “Children are riding their bikes everywhere, families are meeting at the Rec, and there is always a weekly beach happy hour somewhere.”

Nightlife on the Isle of Palms

And the nightlife is something to enjoy as well. “The only thing better than eating at a great restaurant,” Marsh said, “is eating at a great restaurant with live music! We are blessed with both—all of which can be accessed by golf cart.”

There are tons of events that occur year-round in IOP. If you find yourself in the area for the holidays, be sure to check out the Holiday Street Festival.

If you’re more of a summer vacation visitor, you’ll want to see the summer sand-sculpting contest on the beach, as it draws some of the most talented artists in the area to use sand as their medium.

Isle of Palms Rec Center

The hub of the island is the Isle of Palms Rec Center, which is a draw for families with children of all ages. The center offers an incredible playground, adult classes of all kinds for individuals to expand their knowledge base, seasonal sport leagues for all ages so you can get your blood pumping and work on your hand-eye coordination, and the center offers an opportunity to get to know other members of the community, as residents tend to spend quite a bit of time there.

Wild Dunes

Another area attraction which we previously mentioned, Wild Dunes, provides golf lovers with a place to play golf. If you’re not a golf enthusiast, never fear: there is plenty to do at Wild Dunes. You can utilize the swimming pools for some pool games or enjoy some R & R by indulging in spa treatments. The world is your oyster!

Surrounding Area

Isle of Palms is a short 25-minute drive to downtown Charleston, so visitors can get a taste of city life on rainy days when the beach isn’t the ultimate activity. Charleston proper has a wealth of activities for visitors such as historical tours, great shopping, and amazing dining.

If you’re feeling spooky, go on one of the city’s ghost tours! And be sure to hop on a horse-drawn carriage for one of Charleston’s famous carriage rides throughout the city, where you’ll be able to learn about the historical aspects of Charleston.

As you can see, Isle of Palms offers a great deal to both visitors and residents who adore golf carting. “Isle of Palms is truly the best of all worlds!” Marsh exclaimed. “Not only does it offer the beach and so many outdoor activities, it’s also incredibly close to Charleston.”

If you’re looking for a beach destination for your next vacation and want the opportunity to enjoy some golf carting, look no further than the Isle of Palms golf carting community in South Carolina!