I was looking for easy to install alternatives to upgrade my weak underpowered small Bluetooth speaker that was in my cupholder that I used for years. I came across the JBL BassPro GO portable, Bluetooth speaker and let me tell you, I am very impressed with it! The following is a JBL BassPro GO Speaker review.

The speaker fits perfectly in between the backrest and the body on my E-Z-GO. You have the option to mount it permanently or you can remove it from the dock to take anywhere you want to wirelessly hear your music. It features an 8-hour battery and only weighs around 17 pounds.

JBL BassPro Go Speaker Review

This 100w RMS (200w max) rated loudspeaker comes with an innovative docking system as mentioned so you can securely attach it in inside your vehicle and use it as a powered subwoofer to add more bass but also can be easily removed to be able to use it wirelessly as a full range speaker system. The speakers include a 4-1/2″ active subwoofer, two 3/4″ tweeters, and two passive radiator speakers.

The JBL Basspro Go includes a bass control knob to adjust the boom level. When it receives its audio source from the head unit via the wiring harness and its power from the car battery, the Bluetooth is not active. When disconnected from the harness, it becomes a portable Bluetooth-enabled, full-range speaker.

Marine Grade

I should point out that the JBL BassPro Go is IPX5 marine-grade rated so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. As mentioned, when undocked and removed from the harness, it can no longer be used as a powered sub. It is strictly a full-range portable Bluetooth speaker system. It receives its audio source from the Bluetooth input only, and receives its power from the internal battery. It must be reconnected to the wiring harness to charge the NiMH battery.

While I have not installed it to an actual head unit yet to test the full potential of the bass output, the wireless full-range option is what I am using on the golf cart and it provides excellent audio quality.

Sound Quality

Even while cruising at 25+ with noisy aggressive tread tires, the sound is much better than my previous system. When parked, the speaker is quite loud and has crisp mids and highs and still a good amount of lower frequency audio pass through even though it’s not in the bass mode. The finish of the product is top notch down to the soft feel buttons and hidden battery indicator lights.

The only real drawback of this unit is that it does not have an Aux-in port and the wiring harness must be used to charge the battery to which a reducer from your battery pack needs to be used for a 12v connection. I would recommend using a separate fuse block as well, even though it has a fuse on its main power line.

JBL Click

I also think it is essential to complement the JBL BassPro Go with the JBL Click which pairs with your phone via Bluetooth to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and pause. It fits perfectly on my steering wheel with a strap and allows me to adjust controls distraction-free on the fly.

All in all, the BassPro Go and JBL Click is an excellent solution to hear your favorite tunes in excellent sound quality and I would highly recommend them as a feature-rich, multipurpose hybrid speaker setup.

For more info check out https://bassprogo.com/