To many, golf carts and low speed vehicles appear to be roughly the same thing. However, in the eyes of the law in the state of Kansas, there are some important differences.

Knowing the differences before making a purchase can help a person feel much more comfortable with their decision.

This article will discuss these differences and provide information about the Kansas golf cart and LSV laws.

What is the difference between a Golf Cart and LSV?

When looking at the law in the state of Kansas, golf carts are slightly different than low speed vehicles. A true golf cart is only going to have a maximum speed of 20 MPH, and it is not going to have the same amount of safety features that a low speed vehicle has. This means that it will not be allowed on the road unless it is heavily customized.

Kansas has pretty universal laws for golf carts and low speed vehicles across the state, but some residential neighborhoods have their own laws. Along with low speed vehicles being street legal, some of the other differences include:

  • Low speed vehicles can handle more weight
  • The weight limit for most low speed vehicles is going to be at around 3000 pounds, while a golf cart won’t be able to handle nearly that amount.
  • Low speed vehicles go a little faster
  • The maximum cruising speed for low speed vehicles sits at usually 25 MPH, although they can be customized a bit to go even faster. This allows them to keep up with the flow of traffic on roads.
  • Low speed vehicles are more expensive
  • It should come as no surprise that a vehicle that has more features, goes faster and is built more durably is going to cost more.

What are the golf cart laws for the state?

In the state of Kansas, a person does not need a license to drive a golf cart. However, there are a lot of limitations so that a person is never put in a vulnerable situation.

For starters, a golf cart can’t go faster than 20 MPH. It also can’t weigh more than 1800 pounds, and it can’t be designed to carry more than four people at a time.

There are also limitations when it comes to when a person is allowed to drive the golf cart.

At night, golf carts are prohibited from most streets. Even if they are equipped with lights, they are still not allowed for the most part.

Even though a person does not need a license to drive a golf cart, they are still liable for any accidents that they caused, or drug/alcohol related incidents.

It’s important to make sure that all laws are followed when driving a golf cart. It is going to protect not only the driver, but motorists and pedestrians in the area as well.

What are the LSV laws in the state?

The state of Kansas pretty much treat slow speed vehicles like an actual car.

A person needs a license to drive them, and they need to be completely street legal. That means having headlamps, turn signals, a rearview mirror and more.

The trade-off is that you do get a lot more freedom aware of the vehicle can be driven.

A low speed vehicle has the opportunity to be used on any road with a speed limit of 30 MPH or less.

About the only place a person is still prohibited to use their low speed vehicle is on any highway with speeds exceeding 45mph.

Insurance is needed, as well as a valid driver’s license, registration and anything else that goes with driving a standard vehicle.

The LSV is just a more convenient option for those people who are driving locally.

What you need for the Department of Motor Vehicles to Register a LSV

In order to register a low speed vehicle, it must have a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, or a title and a Vehicle Identification Number.

The DMV basically needs proof that the low speed vehicle is up to code before getting proper registration.

It’s a little more complicated for those people who have a vehicle purchased outside of the state of Kansas, but some basic information can speed up the process.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of people who are drifting towards golf carts and low speed vehicles to get around their residential neighborhoods.

Knowing the difference between the two can help a person figure out which one fits their lifestyle more.

Kansas golf cart and LSV laws may seem a little complicated, but it is becoming more familiar to most people thanks to their growing popularity.


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