LSV and Golf cart laws can vary between different cities within a state. Low-speed vehicles and golf carts certainly look fun and harmless. If they’re not properly handled, however, you might end up damaging property or harming another person.

As such, it’s vital to understand exactly how Mississippi law treats golf carts, LSVs, and those who use them. Following are several things that you should know about Mississippi golf cart and LSV laws.

The Difference Between Golf Carts And LSVs

-What features and options make one vehicle DOT and DMV approved, but not the other?

All street-legal LSVs have to be registered with the Mississippi DMV. For quite some time, there were no formal laws concerning the use of golf carts on public roads within Mississippi.

In 2018, however, a law was passed that permits golf cart users to take public roads throughout the state alongside other vehicles, so long as these carts are equipped with safety features and do not travel beyond the maximum speed limit of 30 mph.

A comprehensive list of differences between LSVs and Golf Carts

Golf carts, much like their name implies, are built for recreational use on golf courses and travel on private property. Conversely, a LSV or low-speed vehicle is a vehicle that can be used in neighborhoods and on streets. In fact, an LSV is sometimes referred to a street-legal golf cart.

LSVs have much of the same equipment that regular vehicles include. On the other hand, a golf cart lacks turn signals, parking brakes, and headlights among other things.

The maximum speed for the typical golf cart is 20 mph. LSVs, however, can travel up to 35 mph.

It is not usually necessary to have a license to operate a golf cart. A license is required for operating an LSV. The license for LSV drivers looks quite different from the standard driver’s license.

Golf Cart Laws In Mississippi

How old do I have to be to drive?

You have to be of legal driving age to operate a golf cart in the state of Mississippi. If you have yet to reach the legal driving age, you can only drive under the direct supervision of your legal guardian or parent.

How far and when can you drive?

In Mississippi, it is not legal to operate golf carts on interstate highways, federal highways, state highways, or in the corporate limits of any city. It is not legal to drive at night.

What should I carry with me?

It is not necessary to have vehicle registration or a driver’s license when operating a traditional golf cart in Mississippi.

What are the laws concerning alcohol?

While there aren’t any clear laws about operating golf carts in Mississippi while under the influence, driving a golf cart while inebriated is never recommended.

What are the liability concerns pertaining to underage drivers and accidents?

All damages to persons or property caused by an underage golf cart operator would fall to the responsibility of the adult who is accompanying and supervising the underage driver.

Mississippi LSV Laws

What features and equipment must an LSV have in order to be considered street-legal?

Under the current NHSTA interpretations and regulations, an LSV is not subject to any state or local requirements concerning safety equipment if the vehicle is incapable of traveling beyond speeds of 20 mph.

In the event that the vehicle has been factory-built to travel at speeds above 20 mph, it will be considered a motor vehicle.

According to federal law, any LSV capable of traveling over 20 mph must have stop lamps, turn signal lamps, taillamps, headlamps, reflex reflectors, parking breaks, rear view mirrors, a windshield, seat belts, and a vehicle identification number.

What is the minimum driving age?

You must be of legal driving age to operate an LSV in Mississippi.

When can you drive and far can you drive?

There are no laws that limit when, how, and how far an LSV can be driven in Mississippi. In general, LSVs are subject to the same rules that apply to all standard vehicles in Mississippi.

What should I carry with me (driver’s license, etc.)?

The document requirements for LSVs is different from those for golf carts given that an LSV should be registered for use in Mississippi, and you will also need to have a valid license on hand.

What are the laws concerning alcohol?

Operating an LSV in Mississippi while under the influence is strictly prohibited and could result in legal penalties and a DUI.

What are the liability concerns pertaining to underage drivers and accidents?

Any underage individual operating an LSV in the state of Mississippi will be subject to the same laws for road accidents that adult drivers are subject to. In this case, however, the adult supervising and accompanying the minor driver will assume full responsibility for any damages that are incurred.

Requirements For Registering An LSV With The DMV

The registration requirements for a street-legal LSV are identical to the registration requirements for all standard motor vehicles in the state of Mississippi. This includes completing an application for a Mississippi license and vehicle title, along with paying all applicable taxes and fees.


As mentioned above, LSV and golf cart laws are different all throughout the country. Moreover, these same laws are often modified and updated over time. Contact local transportation authorities to get more info on all updated and current rules.


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