With a storied history of lightweight, efficient transportation, MOKE America is now emerging in U.S. markets as a stylish, ecologically “green” and fresh take on low speed vehicles, or LSVs.

MOKE, (rhymes with “bloke”), was a small utility vehicle originally made by the British Motor Company as a nimble British Army military vehicle that could be airlifted and parachuted down to various locations and used to transport military personnel. One of the key founders was Alec Issigonis, who was also behind the creation of the original Austin Mini automobile. The MOKE was the answer to America’s Jeep, with the intent of being quicker, lighter, and able to be utilized for more tasks.

After their use in the military, MOKE became the vehicle of choice for those looking for something other than a conventional car or typical golf cart for things like getting around a small town, cruising the beach and other uses. Celebrities around the world are big fans of the lightweight, peppy vehicles in places where a car is not needed. The Caribbean and other coastal destinations were perfect for the MOKE lifestyle, and soon they were the vehicle of choice around the world in beach towns everywhere, with their ease of operation and wide-open, topless style.

That history has now evolved into MOKE America’s newest line of open-air LSVs that are quickly seeing a rise in popularity around the country. The appeal of this top-of-the-line LSV continues to attract celebrities and upscale exposure, with owners like the Kardashians, Pete Davidson, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, dozens of major league sports stars, and others. Affluent buyers are using the MOKE LSV for getting around places like the Hamptons and Montauk, Barbados and St. Barth in the Caribbean, and other destinations of the rich and famous.

The buzz is big with MOKE America, having been featured in dozens of high-end magazines and online around the globe – the vehicles have served as the backdrop for countless glamorous publication’s covers – and have been featured on television shows like Jay Leno’s Garage and Bloomberg TV. The LSVs have also been used for forming partnerships with high-end, signature events like South Beach’s Art Basel Miami Beach and many more.

Car & Driver Magazine even reviewed the MOKE America LSV, calling it a “low speed electric vehicle with high style,” and adding, “the MOKE could be used to putter around a gated community, and it also looks like something you might drive from the dock to the beach and then to the nightclub.”

All Electric, All Fun

The MOKE is made with 10, maintenance-free gel batteries as the power source, which are made here in the US. The bulk of the parts on a MOKE LSV are American-made, and the vehicles are assembled in Sarasota, Florida.

The overall design has been completely revisited since the earlier, British version, making the MOKE wider and with a slightly longer wheelbase, and riding on a sturdier frame. They come equipped with seat belts and reach a top speed of around 25 miles per hour, and the batteries can be fully charged in about 8 hours. A full charge gets you about 40 miles of travel. The MOKE America LSV is completely street legal on all roads where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

While the base model MOKE LSV is an absolute head-turner when it comes to design and style – they come in a wide variety of body, wheel and bimini top colors – the company also offers some Special Editions that come standard with custom features and accessories to create the ultimate electric vehicle.

If you’ve ever seen the 1973 James Bond movie Live and Let Die, you may recall that 007 himself cruised around the fictional Caribbean Island of San Monique in a blue and white MOKE. MOKE America now offers a custom vehicle that carries on that theme, the San Monique Model, equipped with stunning white rims, Bluetooth technology, back-up camera, wood steering wheel and gear shift and San Monique graphics. You can see the original 007 MOKE and also take a look at the Special Edition model at www.mokeamerica.com.

The company also has partnered with popular home goods designer Juliska to create the Special Edition Juliska MOKE, available exclusively through the upscale retailer Neiman Marcus. Juliska’s design team relied on some of their most popular home good collections as inspiration for the eye-catching design of these LSVs, and the result is a truly extraordinary collaboration in style and functionality.

With the extensive list of features and accessories, together with the head-turning visual style of the vehicle, there’s little wonder why the MOKE LSV has become so popular since introduced in the US in 2017.

Drawing Attention Everywhere They Go

Cedric Collyer sells exclusive luxury real estate in the chic, Florida Gulf coast town of Naples. Having spent years in the business, he realizes that in order to stand out among the thousands of others in the same business, his marketing needed to be a step up from the ordinary.

“I started looking at ordinary golf carts to get around town and take clients to see properties, but then I saw the MOKE, and I was hooked,” Mr. Collyer said. “You wouldn’t believe the number of times I see people just staring at it, they’ll stop to admire it, and ask me questions about it. I think it really does its job as a unique and powerful marketing and advertising tool.”

Mr. Collyer, with the Kimberly Luxury Group, affiliated with the Royal Shell Real Estate firm, got his MOKE from Orlando. Once he received it, he immediately began to make it his own. He had the wheels and roll bar custom painted to match the body and added graphics with his real estate team’s name and contact info. He even included a life-sized cutout of the real estate team’s leader, Kimberly Alvord, and he says it is a real standout when dealing with marketing multi-million dollar properties.

“Naples is the perfect town to get around in with an electric low speed vehicle, and the MOKE is the ideal choice when compared to just another golf cart,” he says. “It epitomizes the laid-back Naples lifestyle and is the best way to get the real Naples experience. I couldn’t be more pleased with the attention it has brought my business, and with the recognition, fun and enjoyment our team gets from having it.”

MOKE LSVs are used in several different scenarios where up to 4 people need to get around in style. With specifications that include a McPherson front suspension, front wheel drive, hydraulic steering, 89-inch wheelbase, front disc brakes and 175/60R14-sized tires, the MOKE is truly a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle.

MOKE vehicles are also very popular in beach towns, resort destinations and vacation spots as rentals, providing the perfect day of fun getting around for visitors.

While they may cost a bit more than a custom golf cart, owners are convinced that these luxury, classy LSVs are the only way to arrive at your destination in a distinctive style and with unmatched functionality.