Peachtree City, Georgia, is located just south of Atlanta; the community was founded in 1959, and while it wasn’t initially developed as a golf cart city, it certainly grew into one. As you can guess, golf cart enthusiasts are not a rare occurrence in the community.

This is largely due to the historical fact that when Flat Creek Golf Club was developed just a year after the city was founded, the area’s residents wanted to be able to travel to the golf course on their own carts. A path was constructed to allow just that to happen. Soon afterward, more golf cart paths were created with the goal of connecting the neighborhoods, which are referred to as “villages” in Peachtree City.

Peachtree City Has 90 Miles of Golf Cart Paths

Golf Cart Paths Peachtree CityCurrently, the community has over 90 miles of multi-use paths where golf carts are driven, reaching from the north of the city to the southern region. These paths are regularly maintained so they are easy to use and traverse.

In addition to the pathways, Peachtree City has dozens of bridges and tunnels which make golf carts the preferred way to travel in the community; they can easily and safely cross major highways and streets. Why wouldn’t you want to bypass all that traffic and get to your destination in record time?

Peachtree City is quite charming, and the community takes pride in keeping the city beautifully maintained and sparkling clean. There are no large signs outside of stores or marketing signs along the various streets, meaning that you won’t see a bunch of neon signs blinking at night.

The city is safe and features a terrific police and fire department, which lends a hand in making the community have a low crime rate.

Each Village Has Everything its Residents Needs

Peachtree City Village ShoppingEach of Peachtree City’s villages has all the necessities a resident would want such as grocery stores, dry cleaner’s, beauty salons, and so on. Each village is architecturally unique and has its own retail stores, making different people flock to different villages, which accounts for the city’s great diversity.

Peachtree City is filled with over 35,000 diverse residents, and one thing that connects them is their love of golf carting. The aforementioned multi-use path system is another draw to the area, as are the various recreational activities, the fantastic school system, the well-kept grounds, and the ease of living that residents enjoy.

What To Do in Peachtree City

Peachtree City RecreationAs far as recreation is concerned, Peachtree City has a wealth of events and activities going on throughout the year. Sports lovers will enjoy bringing their racquets to the Peachtree City Tennis Center, while others can load up their carts with their golf clubs and drive to Braelinn, Flat Creek, and Planterra golf courses.

For those residents who are looking for something a little more hardcore, there’s the William B. Davis BMX Track. Residents who want to do some splashing around can take a dip at the Kedrom Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center. Any sports lover would adore the chance to take advantage of all the recreation Peachtree City has to offer.

Those residents who are more concerned with arts and culture can take in a concert at the Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater, otherwise known as The Fred. The amphitheater seats over 2,000 and has been visited by headliners such as Wayne Newton, the Doobie Brothers, Ray Charles, Charlie Daniels, and Foreigner—among others.

Sunset Sounds, a concert series hosted at Drake Field, is another way for residents to enjoy some good music and laughs with friends. There are also venues that make a night on the town more than possible, ranging from the Fox Theatre and the Alliance Theater to the High Museum of Art and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. And did we mention that Atlanta is just a short drive away?

A Great Place to Retire

Peachtree City RetirementBut Peachtree City doesn’t just let the young’uns have all the fun! Retirees and other seniors have a wealth of activities to enjoy at The Gathering Place, Peachtree City’s own senior recreation facility. The facility’s partnership with Fayette Senior Services means that there are a wide range of wellness, leisure, and recreational activities for senior citizens who like to stay active. There are garden clubs, quilting circles, cooking classes, and more—so many activities that non-seniors will be envious of their older relatives.

The Peachtree City Library is another place for residents and visitors who are looking for something to pass the time, whether that be a good book or one of the many events that take place. Upcoming events at the library include Crafting at the Library: Decorative Ball on February 9; on that same day, writers can join fellow scribes via Zoom for The Writer’s Circle, a writing critique group that meets every month. Other Zoom events hosted by the library include OB, the Storytelling Dog; Virtual Adult Sensory Storytime; and Cozy Talk Book Club.

For residents who are more interested in taking in the views and taking it easy, there are those multi-use pathways we keep mentioning—the system is expansive and undoubtedly the highlight of the city.

Since it goes throughout the entirety of Peachtree City, residents and visitors can hop on a cart and travel the paths all day long, enjoying everything the community has to offer. The pathways also make quick errands like running to the market or dropping the kids off at school an easy feat: simply jump in your golf cart and drive!

Annual Golf Cart Parade

Peachtree City Golf Cart ParadeBut the pathways aren’t the only golf-cart-related attraction in Peachtree City; their annual golf cart parade, which takes place on the Fourth of July, provides golf cart enthusiasts with the perfect excuse to deck out their cart and show off their handiwork. During this parade, carts are turned into floats and paraded down the paths in Peachtree City for all to see. It truly is a spectacle of the best kind.

The bottom line? If you love golf carting and are looking for a golf-cart-loving city to visit or reside in, look no further than Peachtree City, Georgia. It has more to offer than just its pathways for golf carts such as great schools, clean living, fun recreational activities, and more . . . but those pathways sure don’t hurt!