Have you noticed an increase in the number of Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs)and golf carts in your city? These vehicles are an excellent alternative transportation on roads that have a speed limit of around 35mph or less.

A LSV is a terrific mode of travel if you want to take a quick trip to the store, take the kids to the community pool, or visit a friend in the neighborhood.

Choosing the right LSV can be challenging especially if you lack the knowledge and expertise. The good news is we created an in-depth review of the best golf carts from the top 5 golf cart and LSV manufacturers.

Club Car

Club Car Villager LSV

In the 1960s Club Car invented the first golf cart with a steering wheel that was designed specifically for the golf course. The company was founded in 1958 and later was acquired by EZ-GO in 1978. Club Car, which is a subsidiary of the Ingersoll-Rand Corporation, has the largest dealership network with dealers spread across the globe.

Ever since its inception, Club Car has proven that it can produce the most reliable and durable golf carts and street-legal NEVs in the industry. On top of offering attractive warranties for its vehicles, Club Car also manufactures the Villager 2 NEV, which is the world’s largest small wheel electric car.

This electric car is Club Car’s major low-speed electric vehicle (LSV) that can be driven legally on streets. The Villager 2 NEV is available in two variants -a 2-passenger model that features a cargo box at the back and a four-passenger model with a back-to-back seating arrangement.

Club Car sells The Villager 2 at a price starting from $9,500. The Villager 2 is worth every penny because it offers a rare treat of class and exceptional comfort that you will appreciate.

Club Car’s main manufacturing and assembly plant is in Augusta, Georgia where its headquarters are also located.


EZ-GO 2Five

E-Z-GO Golf Car Manufacturing Company was founded in 1954 by two brothers, Beverly and Billie Dolan and the company went on to become one of the best golf cart manufacturers in the world. After its inception, the company was later acquired by Textron Inc., which is a multi-industry conglomerate headquartered in Providence, RI.

E-Z-GO golf carts are designed and manufactured by Textron Inc’s., specialized vehicles division. E-Z-GO has survived the test of time by continuing to produce NEVs that exceed all the expectations of its customers 60 yeas down the line. The company has managed to do this through incorporating game-changing technology and exceptional innovations to produce vehicles that have remained an extremely popular choice by the masses.

The E-Z-GO 2Five is the manufacturer’s flagship LSV model. The 2Five has continued to gain enormous popularity ever since it was first rolled out, and this can be partly attributed to its friendly features and enviable convenience. As a result, this LSV is the perfect vehicle to use driving around the neighborhood.

The 2Five is priced at around $11,000 and has a number of cool features, such as a backup camera, 48-volt AC drivetrain, and spacious storage making it a very good value. A nice feature of the EZGO 2Five is the four wheel disk brakes and is a big difference between a generic golf cart and an LSV because golf carts only have rear brakes. The disc brakes only kick in when moderate to heavy braking is needed, while regenerative motor braking handles the light braking

The 2Five and all other golf cars and utility vehicles from E-Z-GO are manufactured at the company’s Augusta, Georgia plant. This manufacturing and assembly plant has the capacity to produce thousands of vehicles annually to satisfy the various needs of drivers globally.


Yamaha Drive 2 AC PTV

The Yamaha Corporation is a multi-industry global conglomerate based in Japan that manufactures and offers a wide range of products and services. The company was established in 1955 to manufacture motorcycles. In 1978, Yamaha introduced the G1, a golf cart that was powered by a 2-cycle gas engine, into the U.S. market and never looked back. Next they built a manufacturing plant in Newnan, Georgia in the 1980s where it produced the G2 model, which upgraded to a 4-cycle gas engine. The company made many major improvements on the G2 model and continued to grow their golf cart market share in North America.

Yamaha offers terrific electric LSVs as well as gas powered carts. Their most popular electric Electric “PTV” is Yamaha Drive 2 AC PTV. It is powered by a 48-volt AC Motor and a Toyota built controller. These carts drive incredibly well and independent rear suspension comes standard on all Drive 2 models. The body style is sleek and unique and the dash is extremely user friendly and comes with USB ports.

The Drive 2 is equipped with LED head and tail lights, brake lights and a horn. A well equipped Yahama Drive 2 will cost around $10,000 brand new.


Tomberlin E-Merge GT

Founded in 2006, Tomberlin specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative electric vehicles for neighborhood expeditions and short distance commuting. The company has a broad distribution network that includes dealers in Asia, Europe, South America, and the US.

The headquarters of Tomberlin Automotive Group, Inc., are located in Augusta, Georgia. The company’s approach to designing and manufacturing NEVs and golf carts is an innovative one, making it possible for these vehicles to be used beyond the golf course. This approach transforms their Neighborhood Electric Vehicles to Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) that makes them great for driving on short distance trips, and for exploring neighborhoods and master-planned communities.

Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc. bought Tomberlin in early 2018, therefore, making this NEV manufacturer a subsidiary of the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd.

Currently, the best LSV produced by Tomberlin is the E-MERGE E2 GT and E-MERGE  SS. You will have to pay between $10,00 and $22,000 for a brand-new golf cart from Tomberlin’s E-MERGE line but they are exceptional carts. Various aspects such as custom features and passenger capacity will impact the price.

All Tomberlin golf carts are produced at their manufacturing and assembly facility in Leesburg, Florida.

The E-MERGE E2 GT is a tough-looking, no-nonsense cart with black-carbon seats, steel-belted radials with black wheels and comes with a bazooka sound bar.  These electric carts are quick and nimble and the E2 GT boast 0-25 in 6 seconds. The E-MERGE SS comes with aluminum wheels, custom upholstery and a Bluetooth stereo and both come with a 7 inch display screen and both are LSV street-legal.

Star EV

Star EV Sirius

Star EV should be on your radar if you are looking for a new LSV. JH Global Services, Inc., founded this manufacturing company in 2004 to produce golf carts and electric vehicles.

Their street-legal LSV is called the Sirius and it really is a sleek, efficient cart. You get the feeling in most LSV’s that the manufacturer took the basic fleet golf cart and just added some things to make them into an LSV. Star EV’s Sirius was built from the ground up as an LSV and it shows.

The Sirius offers a striking, full color digital dash, a locking glove compartment, adjustable seat backs, tinted windshield, a 4-cup cup holder, 12V outlet, ambient lighting, built-in, locking cooler, and you can even get a back-up camera.

To own a brand-new one, you will have to part with between $10,000 to $15,000.

Star EV has been manufacturing, assembling, and distributing over thirty street-legal models of NEVs for about 15 years. These vehicles are manufactured and assembled at their main plant based in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Top Golf Cart Manufacturers in Brief

Club Car

There are many great features on Club Car range of LSVs and NEVs. The one that stands out the most is the fact that you can customize your vehicle to the color, roof canopy, floor mats, seats, accessories, and many other aspects of your preference. The manufacturers has distributors everywhere so you won’t have to worry about spare parts.


EZ-GO electric vehicles are known for their strength and efficiency. Their vehicles feature robust hydraulic shock absorbers and state-of-the-art charge meters for an enhanced driving experience. With so many other innovative features, a powerful motor, and unique style, EZ-GO electric vehicles are what you need for short distance commuting.


Yamaha is one company that you can’t fail to mention when it comes to high-quality products. Its NEVs come with state-of-the-art features that have changed the way the world views these vehicles. Yamaha has made sure their NEVs remain silent when being driven regardless of the terrain by incorporating perfect engines and trendy technology on their vehicles.


Tomberlin golf carts have been modified to work perfectly as Personal Transportation Vehicles. By integrating performance, safety, and convenient features such as phone pockets, Bluetooth stereos, and classic upholstered seats, the company has brought the fun and freedom that is much needed to make an NEV the ideal vehicle for short distance commutes.

Star EV

Star EV vehicles offer safety, power, and perfect performance. These vehicles have 48-volt electric motors that when on a full charge can allow you to travel a distance of 60 miles on roads with a speed limit of 35mph. This is possible thanks to some brilliant features incorporated in their vehicles such as Trojan batteries, Curtis controllers, and advanced AC/DC motors.

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