With a dozen years of experience in the golf cart dealership industry, Andy and Ashlee Ilg saw a need for a premium electric vehicle that was reasonably priced yet still offered the top-of-the-line quality, features and performance their customers were looking for.

That was the catalyst for the couple to pair up with long-time friends, partners and electric vehicle experts Jeff Hathaway and his wife and son to launch Voyager EV, which is now based in the golf cart-centric city of Peachtree City, Georgia, near Atlanta.

After years of research and deep industry analytics, the team saw a surge in the growth of the electric vehicle industry and opened their company in 2022. Voyager EV now employs a staff of 7 that has perfected the art of cart design, manufacturing and production resulting in an array of different models and configurations designed specifically for unique needs. Their years of experience in the cart business provided an intuition as to what buyers were looking for, and the company has honed their offerings to meet those needs.

“We saw huge growth in the electric vehicle market and knew we could deliver a product that would be a hit with consumers throughout all sectors of cart buyers,” Ashlee said.

Proudly built in the US and powered by Allied® lithium batteries, the models offered by Voyager EV have been created to offer the perfect cart to match your needs.

The Model Line Up: Pioneer, Explorer and Rebel

The Pioneer model is the picture of performance and comfort for those who want to experience shorter trails or take the family around their neighborhood.

This model features 4-passenger seating with the rear seats facing backwards. It is equipped with a 48V / 65 Amp hour lithium battery and rides on stylish 10-inch wheels. Other features include premium contoured seats for all passengers, front brush guard, side mirrors, retractable seat belts, USB ports and the choice of 11 stunning metallic body paint colors. The Pioneer also offers a top that extends to cover all 4 passengers as well as footrests and handrails for the safety and comfort of the rear passengers.

Starting at just $9,995.00, the Pioneer model from Voyager is the clear choice for those seeking peak performance and premium features at a very attractive price.

Voyager’s Explorer model is designed for those looking for a little more performance, luxury and power. Available in 4 or 6-passenger models featuring all forward-facing seating, customers can order the lifted or non-lifted options. The Explorer will easily cover 30 miles on a single charge and is perfect for cruising the beach or taking the family to the community pool in style and comfort. Explorer models come with 48V / 105 Amp hour battery. Buyers can opt for the 12-inch wheels, and other distinguishing features on the Explorer include the Bluetooth® sound bar, Gussi® custom steering wheel, reverse camera, insulated storage and ice chest and much more.

The Voyager Explorer starts at only $11,495.00.

The company’s Rebel cart is the epitome of style, performance, luxury appointments and accessories. This cart is for those looking for the ultimate in traversing rougher trails without sacrificing comfort.

Like all Voyager’s EV lines, the Rebel offers automotive like styling and features in a lifted cart that will surely be the envy of the neighborhood. The powerful, 72V / 105 Amp hour lithium battery means you can cruise in comfort for 50-miles on a single charge. The Rebel is available with stunning, 14-inch custom wheels and tires with an aggressive tread design, a carbon fiber dash with large, lockable storage areas, plus all of the custom metallic body color choices of the entire Voyager line up.

The Rebel comes in a 4 or 6-passenger lifted configuration ideal for use at your weekend lakefront getaway or exploring new trails out in the country with your family.

Voyager EVs are available from 7 dealer partners around the country, and the company prides themselves on serving their network with the ultimate in customer service.

“We knew from our years as electric vehicle dealers that meeting the immediate needs of our customers was the key to success, having experienced a need that was unfulfilled,” Ashlee Ilg said. “Having a large inventory of on-hand parts and components and standing by our dealership network means we can deliver a superior cart in the most efficient timeframe, and those are the keystones of Voyager EV.”

For more information please visit: https://voyagerelectricvehicles.com/