There’s few things worse than waking up one morning to find your golf cart missing from your driveway. Or walking out of a restaurant after dinner to discover your cart is no longer parked where you left it.

Being the victim of golf cart theft is an experience that no one should have to go through. In this article we give you some practical tips that can help you protect your golf cart or LSV from being stolen.

Here are the 9 tips to prevent golf cart theft:

Install a GPS

One way to make sure you can keep tabs on your custom cart is to install a GPS unit. GPS units are the best and most cost effective way to track your cart.

These units can be easily hidden on a golf cart making it impossible for a thief to know about them. On top of that, most GPS units have apps that can connect to your phone, so if the cart isn’t where you left it, you can find it with ease.

GPS locators are perhaps the best way to prevent golf cart theft.

Pedal Locks

Next up on the list is the Pedal Lock. Pedal Locks are great for keeping your golf cart safe. The pedal lock attaches to the gas pedal of the golf cart, and is usually engaged and disengaged with a key.

This of course is not going to stop someone from picking your cart up and towing it away, but it will make things difficult for a quick getaway, and these units are relatively inexpensive.

Not only can it deter thieves, but it can be a great way to keep the kids safe if you’re worried about one of them taking the cart without your permission.

Steering Wheel Locks

The steering wheel lock is another deterrent much like the pedal locks. This would work the same as a steering wheel lock for your car. This lock is engaged with a key that should be carried on your person at all times.

The only issue with steering wheel locks, is that most people don’t take the time to actually put them on when they should. If you’re going to buy a wheel lock, you should use it, even if you installed a GPS.

You should also note, the steering wheel lock will need to be carried in the cart at all times, which can be a burden if you don’t have much storage space.

This method of protecting your golf cart is inexpensive and very effective when used correctly and consistently.

Use a Unique Key

Believe it or not, the most common way golf carts are stolen is with a key that matches your cart. Most golf cart keys are universal with other golf carts, meaning if you have a Club Car then anyone with a master Club Car key can take your cart.

Sure you could look at that as a good thing if you happen to lose your golf cart keys, but knowing that anyone with the same key can drive off on your cart is not ideal.

Don’t worry. This is an easy fix. Any local golf cart shop near you has the ability to change your key to something more unique. This allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your golf cart.

Keep this special key on you at all times, and you should have nothing to worry about! Even if someone tows your golf cart away, they’ll have a tough time starting it without the unique key.

Park Indoors

I know this may seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised at how many carts are stolen because they are left unattended outside.

Not everyone has garage space for their cart but if you do, store it in the garage.

Not only does this keep your golf cart safe from thieves, but it will actually prolong the life of the golf cart. Keeping your cart locked in your garage is definitely one of the best ways to keep it safe from theft.

Golf Cart Covers

If you don’t have a lockable garage or storage shed, the next best thing would be a cart cover. The first thing you should do when using a golf cart cover is to pull the golf cart away from the road, and out of view.

The best way to keep a golf cart safe is to make sure people driving by don’t know you have one to steal. After the cart is out of view, a golf cart cover can be placed over it.

The cart cover definitely won’t prevent someone from stealing the golf cart, but it is one more thing a thief has to deal with in order to take the cart. Most carts are stolen in a matter of seconds, so the cart cover can be somewhat of a deterrent.

Install Cameras

Let’s be honest, security cameras are one of the best methods to protect property and valuables. If you have the ability to install a security camera on your golf cart, then we would highly recommend it.

Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property, even when you aren’t around. If the camera is in plain view this acts as an immediate deterrent. You could even install very visible signs that state your property -and golf cart – are under video surveillance.

And even if a thief is bound and determined to steal your cart, then  at least with a camera installed you can use your video evidence to show the authorities and hopefully capture the thief.


Much like security cameras, motion sensor lights can be a great way to keep thieves away from your valuables. If your golf cart is parked in the back of your house, and someone approaches it, a blast of light illuminates the area and hopefully discourages the thief.

Spotlights are among the cheapest way to keep unwanted visitors off your property, and the best way to keep a bright eye on your custom golf cart.

Kill Switch

Last, but certainly not least, is the Kill Switch. This is possibly the coolest, and most effective way from having your golf cart stolen.

The kill switch makes sure that the cart has no way of starting, even if someone hot wires it. Each time you are done riding, engage the kill switch and the cart won’t start until you disengage the switch.

We should mention that most kill switches are hidden on the golf cart, so only you will know where it is.

These can be installed on golf carts in a number of ways, so if you aren’t confident in installing this yourself, we suggest you talk to your local golf cart service professional.

The kill switch makes it very hard for a thief to steal a golf cart. Even if they decide to tow it away, without knowing where or how the kill switch works, they’ll never get it to start. Add a GPS system to your custom cart, and you could have your cart back in no time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are multiple ways to keep your golf cart safe from theft without spending a pile of money.

In this article we shared 9 tips to keep your golf cart safe, so you can spend less time worrying about your golf cart getting stolen.

Waking up to a missing golf cart is a terrible feeling. Now you know how to protect your cart from theft.