On January 8th, Elvis Presley’s Harley-Davidson golf cart was put up for auction. This also happened to be The Kings birthday as well.

The three wheeled golf cart never ended up on a golf course, but they did see him riding around Graceland, using the cart to navigate the large 14 acre property in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis Golf Cart side

According to records found from Elvis Presley, the golf cart cost him $1,055.38. This white and beige golf cart was equipped with a two-stroke, 245cc  engine, which currently is not in running condition.

Even though the vehicle doesn’t start, it is still completely original, except for the golf bag holder, which was removed.

At auction the Harley-Davidson golf cart was expected to sell for around $70,000, but no one even hit the minimum bid of $20,000.

Along with the golf cart, other items were presented and sold at the auction, including a bracelet that had his name monogramed, which sold for $30,000. Another item sold was an Alpaca Vest worn by Elvis, which sold for $42,500.  

Elvis Auction Items

Those prices may seem high, but can’t be compared to the amount of money that his other Harley-Davidson brought in last year. 

Elvis's Harley Davidson

The bike that Elvis purchased just three months before he passed away, a 1976 FLH 1200 Electra Glide sold at the auction for a whopping $800,000! This happened to be the third-highest price paid for a motorcycle ever!

The King is gone, but never forgotten, except for his golf cart, it seems….You can check out more about the auction that happened on January 8th, here!

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