What began as a small cart manufacturing business in Greenville, South Carolina, has emerged as a leader in the low-speed vehicle industry, and the growth of STAR EV Corporation is still on the rise.

Where It All Started

Founded in 2003 by entrepreneurs Jane Zhang and Jun Hu, STAR was formerly known as JH Global Services. They changed their corporate name to better reflect their emergence as a prominent manufacturer of premium electric vehicles designed and built for a wide variety of uses.

Since the company’s start, they have undergone large expansion efforts and relocations and now occupy a 120,000 square foot manufacturing and headquarters facility in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and employ 100 people.

The company is planning another expansion project for 2022 in response to the increasing demand for their premium lines of electric vehicles.

About The Carts

STAR EV manufactures carts perfect for neighborhood and community travel, golf and outdoor sports, off-roading, multi-passenger carts and commercial and specialty EV’s for public service and industrial use.

The company has received several accolades since its inception, including Inc. Magazine’s South Carolina Fastest Growing Companies and the Fastest Growing 100 Business Award from the U.S. Pan-Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

STAR EV designs and builds carts in 7 different categories, with over 50 models to appeal to virtually any segment of the electronic vehicle market.

Their flagship model is the Sirius line, a custom cart designed for use within residential neighborhoods and gated communities. These upscale vehicles feature a design and manufacturing process that is like the automotive industry, with precision components and electronics, LED headlights and taillights with brake lights and turn signals, race-inspired chassis with double wishbone independent suspension and much more.

Sirius cart models come in a variety of configurations ranging from a 2-seat golf cart to a 6-passenger cart called the 4+2, offered in both standard and lifted models.

The Capella line of carts offers 6 different configurations, with features like 12” DOT radial tires, digital dash display, daytime running lights, high and low-beam headlamps and much more.

To accommodate the industrial and commercial markets, STAR EV offers their AP and AK Series carts, which are able to be designed with a variety of configurations. The AP Series is available with full aluminum, weather sealed side doors and options including a street-legal package, heater and defroster and even a 2000-watt, high output air conditioning system.

STAR EV is a leader in supplying carts for the airline industry, resorts and hotels, country clubs, sports venues and other areas where there is a need to provide clean transportation for a large volume of people.

The company makes security vehicles, medical transport carts, a bus that can hold 23 people, ambulances and even carts offering wheelchair access.

Driving in Style

The entire line of STAR EV’s are created with one goal in mind – to provide the most innovative technology and powerful drivetrain system in its class and a truly custom, ergonomic driving experience. Offering more amenities and features than other cart brands, STAR EVs are the epitome of quality, comfort and drivability.

STAR vehicles are built with top-of-the-line technology and design, including 48 V or V Trojan batteries that can go up to 60 miles after charging, and heavy-duty AC and DC motors with 400A or 550A Curtis Controllers, providing optimum power and efficiency for transporting any load of people or equipment.

Safety is another key benefit of the STAR EV line, with every vehicle featuring windshields, seat belts and DOT-regulation tires.

“Comfort and the way our vehicles drive are the cornerstones of why people like our carts,” said Nadine Jacobs, STAR EV’s marketing and international business manager. “Our entire process involves using only state-of-the-art components in vehicle designs that offer premium performance, safety and driver comfort.”

The Sirius line of vehicles are designed with the driver in mind, with luxury comforts like a locking trunk and glovebox, interior dash lighting, LED turn signal indicators on both side mirrors and optional USB and 12V outlets. The ergonomically designed interior means the most pleasurable ride available.

The company also markets a full line of EV accessories through their network of over 200 dealers worldwide.

“Our dealers tell us that our primary customers are residents of a gated community or other neighborhood where they need to get to the clubhouse, golf course, pool or other areas and don’t want to use their car,” says Jacobs. “People are discovering how efficient and eco-friendly our vehicles can be.”

The increasing popularity of “Low Speed Vehicles”, (LSV), sometimes referred to as “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle,” (NEV), is happening around the world in private residential communities, small towns and cities and in rural residential and commercial settings. Current projections indicate the golf cart and NEV market is a $800 million dollar industry and will experience continued growth around the world.

The federal government and most local governing municipalities have laws in effect that regulate the legalities of taking a LSV on a public roadway.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that these types of vehicles are subject to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 49 CFR 571.500, which means their top speed cannot exceed 25-miles per hour and that they have a gross vehicle weight of less than 2,500 pounds.

The statute states that LSV’s be equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signals, tail lights and brake lights, rear view mirrors, windshields, seat belts and must be registered just like a car, including a valid Vehicle Identification Number, (VIN), number.

Poised for the Future

STAR EV Corporation has come a long way from their humble beginnings because of not only manufacturing premium quality electric vehicles, but by also concentrating on future growth and market demand. Their entire management team knows that anticipating future trends and being proactive rather than reactive is the key to the company’s growth.

The international market is being heavily researched by company management and is thought to be one of their primary focus segments going forward.

STAR EV supports their extensive dealer networks with complete marketing and point-of-sale materials, advanced training in sales and service of their products and even attractive financing options for the buyer.

For more information, complete specifications and dealer opportunities for STAR EV products, go to www.starev.com.