Trojan Golf Cart Battery Review

Are you looking for the perfect battery to power your new golf cart? We can help! Trojan Battery Company has been around since 1925, and has been leading the way in manufacturing for deep cycle motive and solar batteries.

In this Trojan Battery review we’ll explain to you why Trojan is the number one trusted battery company for golf carts. We’ll help you to decide which battery is right for your golf cart, and break down the pros and cons of Trojan.

Stick around and find out why more and more people everyday are choosing Trojan Battery Company as their trusted golf cart power source.

Trojan Battery Company

The Trojan Battery Company was founded in 1925 by Carl Speer and George Godber. With almost 100 years of manufacturing experience, Trojans technology has shaped the world when it comes to deep cycle batteries.

In 1952 the golf cart battery came to life, and it was pioneered by…yes, you guessed it, Trojan Battery Company. This would become a legacy of innovation and leadership in the deep-cycle market, supplying power for multiple applications such as transportation, renewable energy, floor machines, marine vehicles, and of course golf carts!

Let’s dive deeper into the types of batteries Trojan makes for golf carts.

Trillium by Trojan

Trillium is the term Trojan Battery Company coined for their high quality Lithium batteries. These batteries are the best in the business, offering amazing lifetime, runtime, and peace of mind.

Each batteries superior cell and design, with built-in diagnostics, makes them one of the best lithium solutions.

The Trillium battery is expected to last around 5,000 cycles, making sure that you get the most out of your investment.

C-Max Technology combined with Motive AGM is engineered to provide outstanding energy output and performance, delivering the reliable and quality battery Trojan is well known for.

If you aren’t using your golf cart for golf, the reliability, and durability will have your cart performing optimally on or off the course.

Continue reading to find out what batteries are best for your golf cart!

Trojan Battery Options For Your Golf Cart

If you’re familiar with the Trojan Battery Company, then you know the wide range of products that they offer. Instead of wasting your time touching on every battery that they sell, I want to provide you with the best batteries to consider for your golf cart.

Before I go golf balls deep into the types of batteries, you should know that the battery options come in 6 volt, 8 volt, and 12 volt.

From experience, you really don’t see too many 12 volt batteries in golf carts anymore. A lot of the newer golf carts use inline 6 volt or 8 volt batteries, which helps the efficiency tremendously.

The Trojan Ranger 160

The Ranger 160 by Trojan is at the forefront of golf cart batteries. This 8 volt deep-cycle battery has technology that no other comparable company can offer, which makes them a leader in the market right now!

If I had to recommend one specific battery for your golf cart that Trojan offers, this would be the one.

The patent-pending 160 can deliver a whopping 35 percent more run time between each charge compared to the current 8-volt options for golf carts.

Trojans Ranger 160 is the perfect product to illustrate their legacy of innovation and excellence in the deep-cycle battery industry.

Lets learn more about the specs below

Ranger 160 Specifications


@25 Amps/430

@56 Amps/160

Capacity Hour/Amps

5 hour – 169

10 hour – 186

20 hour – 204

100 hour – 225

Energy in Kilowatts

1.8 kw


Height: 11.90 inches

Length: 10.21 inches

Width: 7.1 inches


76 pounds

The Pros and Cons of Trojan

Just like any other product, you should do your research on the pros and cons. We want to make things simple for you, so we put together our own list for you to reference.


  • Great customer service, with a helpful and friendly staff
  • Durable case, which helps to protect your battery
  • Extremely efficient, and long lasting
  • An array of battery options for multiple applications: RV’s, Golf Carts, Solar Panels, and Small Machines
  • Excellent warranty backed by Trojan


  • Pricey. These batteries will perform, but they tend to be a bit expensive.

In Conclusion

Its easy to see why the Trojan Battery Company is one of the top rated battery manufacturers in the business.

They paved the way for deep-cycle technology, their batteries are durable and long lasting, and they out perform most of the comparable batteries in their market.

If you are looking for a high quality battery for your new or used golf cart, then consider Trojan Battery Company.

If you have anything to add, or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!