You need the best batteries for your cutting edge Golf Cart or LSV (low speed vehicle) and this arrangement of batteries is exactly what you are searching for. Originating from a rumored assembling house, these batteries offer longer life than some other option in the market. Lightweight and compact, these batteries fit your golf cart & LSV to offer it a longer life span and increased performance. These SLA batteries have a 1-year warranty and accordingly are the best option for your Golf Cart. They are outfitted with Absorptive Glass Mat innovation and along these lines can likewise be utilized for some, different purposes like a solar powered cluster, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Fantastic UB12350 batteries to offer longer life to your expert golf carts.
  • Stacked with most recent mechanical advances, these 12V 35AH substitution batteries are the most prudent alternative accessible in the market.
  • These SLA batteries are multi-reason and can be utilized for an assortment of engine employable machines.
  • They arrive in a pack of two and offer you an issue free battery life for 3-5 years.


  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Maker’s guarantee: 1 year


The best battery on the market


The producer prescribes not to release it beneath half, which is basic to check every time you are utilizing these batteries.


In the event that you esteem quality above everything, these batteries are the correct decision for you. Extra Flooded Lead Acid Battery Model T-105 is the most recent and most ergonomic batteries for golf carts. Offering a long battery life, these batteries are likewise known to offer the most efficient expense per amp-hour. Whenever looked after well, you can appreciate continuous utilization of these batteries and ride on your golf carts for an astonishing play. Multi-reason and in fact propelled, these batteries take into account an assortment of in-house capacities. They rush to charge and lose their capacity after long haul and constant use. These 225Mah batteries offer 6-volt voltage for running little to medium estimated engines.

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  • Great overflowed lead-corrosive batteries are ideal to support the life of your Golf Cart Motors.
  • It has uncommonly planned profound cycle cells which makes them simple corruption verification, and accordingly best for use in Golf Cart that uses high power per ride.
  • These batteries can likewise be utilized in sunlight based and wind electric frameworks.
  • Outfitted with the most recent innovation, these batteries offer the best amp-hour limit.


  • Item measurements: 10.3 inches x 7.1 inches x 10.8 inches
  • Item weight: 64 pounds
  • Maker’s guarantee: One year producer’s guarantee


Once completely energized, these batteries offer a long life and steady current to run various engines worked objects.

The maker’s statement longest life and least expensive cost amp-every hour.


For best outcomes, these batteries request high upkeep including watering, evening out charges and keeping up clean terminals.


Trojan has consistently been in the top positions of Golf Cart battery makers. They are famous to bring innovation and advancement to their clients and Trojan T-875 battery is one fine case of the equivalent. There exceedingly prepared batteries offer 8V voltage to your golf carts engine. Conveying the guarantee and notoriety of Trojan, these are the most prescribed batteries in their class both, by clients and specialists. They offer longer life cycle and accessible in a pack of 6 batteries. They release at a slower speed which makes them the best partner for multi day-long golf game.

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  • These wet lead-corrosive batteries are best for long haul utilization.
  • They are furnished with prominent terminals and ace vent top.
  • Very strong, these batteries are anything but difficult to introduce and bolster all kind of unpleasant utilization at the golf ground.
  • These E4800 batteries offer 8-volt voltage, well-suited for running most marked golf carts.
  • The batteries run 295 minutes when utilized at 25 Amps, and 117 minutes when utilized at 56 Amps.


  • Item measurements 259 mm X 179 mm X 283 mm
  • Item weight-800 Pounds
  • Producer’s guarantee year and a half


  • These batteries are very compact and in this way are anything but difficult to introduce and convey in contrast with a large portion of its partners.
  • The batteries offer the best usefulness at a modest cost and least support.
  • Vigorous and ergonomic, the battery offers total power reinforcement for multi day-long golf play.


Exceptionally specialized to manage in the event of any deficiency, you will require master supervision for the equivalent.


The one thing that puts Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart over each other battery is that it is a totally support free battery. Uniquely intended to give your Golf Carts the toughness they request, these batteries have all the momentous highlights of its image name. Be that as it may, their utilization isn’t constrained to Golf Carts no one but, they can be utilized for sun powered and wind engines, other house engines and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Very innovation favored, these batteries are guaranteed to convey long reinforcement at least expense.


  • These batteries are furnished with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) innovation, which means there is no free fluid inside the battery.
  • The nonappearance of fluid methods there is no warmth age during the cycles, the battery charges rapidly and releases at a gradual pace.
  • The battery guarantees most minimal hydrogen emanation estimating to 4% as it were.
  • The nonappearance of fluid implies that there is no cold concern.


  • Item Dimensions: 10.2 inches x 7.1 inches x 10.8 inches
  • Item weight: 68 pounds
  • Producer Warranty: year and a half


Almost no upkeep, no refilling water and 6-volt steady voltage.


They are somewhat over-estimated for their worth.


As the name recommends, this battery is an onetime speculation to profiteer by multi-reason use. Rock solid, strong and mechanically propelled, these batteries are what you have to make your golf cartss utilitarian constantly. In view of an Electrolyte Suspension framework, these batteries are totally free from the utilization of a pollution gels or silica. Exceptionally execution driven, the VMAX batteries are suggested by specialists in the field for consistent use. Totally upkeep free, these batteries can be charged and released on numerous occasions without settling on their usefulness.


  • The battery offers Float Service Lifespan with most extreme life running from 8 years to 10 years.
  • They are exceedingly solid and substantial batteries that create a 6V voltage for running your golf Carts.
  • They have lead-tin combinations which give them additional exhibition edge to work phenomenally on a buoy or cyclic applications.
  • Best to be utilized with an assortment of engine worked gadgets including Golf Carts, sunlight based vitality and wind vitality gadgets.


  • Item measurements: 9.5 inches x 7.3 inches x 11 inches
  • Maker’s Warranty: 1 year


  • Totally support free batteries; no water refilling, or checking the electrolyte gravity.
  • Solidness and life span with 8-10 years of life expectancy.


The producer’s case of moderate releasing has been addressed by the clients as the battery requests successive charging.


Golf is a daylong game and to guarantee that you cover the whole golf course without losing your important time, you need a golf carts that is constantly prepared to offer you a ride. Besides, the golf course has an assortment of surfaces and in this manner the golf carts must be tough enough to move through these variations.

There are an assortment of batteries accessible in the market at various value ranges.  Guaranteeing that you have the best batteries in your carts is the main standard of a well-encouraged golf game. Here are a couple of interesting points when purchasing a golf carts batteries to guarantee the best setup:

Where to Buy:

Very significant that you purchase from a respectable merchant. In the event that you are getting them on the web, guarantee that the site is well known and has affirmed sellers recorded on the webpage. Moreover, you should purchase from a seller/site that has a history. Often times when batteries sit they are marketed as new when in fact they could be one, two ro even three years old.

Check The Costs:

Check around online and call different golf cart dealers to get prices, we have seen some pretty significant price ranges for the same batteries and you would be surprised how much some dealer think they can charge.

Know Your Intended Use:

If you know what you’re going to be using your golf cart for most of the time it will help make your battery buying decision easier. Some batteries have more MEH or AMPS and these can help with carts that are doing more work, hunting, climbing a lot of hills and things like that.

Check The Warranties:

Some batteries come with a 12 month warranty some come with a 36 month warranty, big difference and unfortunately batteries can go bad especially if not properly installed or taken care of.

Battery Maintenance:

The good thing about batteries is they don’t require a lot of maintenance. We recommend that you get the water levels at least once a month and fill them ass needed, only using distilled water (Smart Water is distilled and sold at most grocery store). The other thing you want to do is make sure the battery connection (terminals and wires) are always tight. If not they can spark and potentially cause a fire.


Choosing the right battery is very important and can seriously effect your golf carts performance, longevity and over worth, but just like anything else in this world the price is generally a deciding factor. Thats being said you may want to spend a little more knowing that your cart will be performing better and you wont have to replace these batteries as often, thus saving you in the long run.

Their are other batteries out there from Trojan, US Battery, EXCIDE, Megatron that will will also be reviewing in the future, check back often for more reviews.